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Infrastructure Support Services

In today’s digital cloud-based world, your business performance is as good as your IT infrastructure. An agile and intelligent infrastructure not only helps you adapt to change quickly, it also powers innovation and enables new business mode. A next generation business could only rely on next generation infrustructure.

Whether you’re going full-tilt to the public cloud or taking a hybrid cloud approach, we’ll work with you to develop an IT infrastructure that’s right for your needs. We can help you design and implement a cloud-ready infrastructure that will unlock your vision and unleash unprecedented performance.

Our IT Infrastructure

Capabilities and solutions:

Network Services

Networking Management helps make your internal network and internet access secured and reliable.

Infrastructure Managed Services

Managed Infrastructure Services to Keep Your IT Reliable and Enable Its Evolution

Infrastructure as code

Deployment through infrastructure-as-code (IaC) helps you build and manage cloud infrastructure through code, utilizing software development best practices and industry-standard DevOps tools and techniques.

Digital workplace

Transforming Digital Workspace Environments

Through improved mobility, communication and collaboration, we work with you to implement and maintain an effective, secure digital workspace that supports the work-from-anywhere environment essential to your business' performance.

IT Infrastructure Administration

We offer server administration — a service that allows you to give up routine infrastructure management to our experts.

Containerization Services

Container Orchestration Services

Tasks Grid extends its services to help to containerize application in the scalable environment using market dominating tools. Help you to manage, monitor, troubleshoot and scale the environment apart from networking and security aspect of the containers.

Infrastructure Service

Price Model



Dedicated Work

$20 / Per Hour
  • Save 20% Cost
  • Monthly Pakage
  • Yearly Pakage

Grid Work

$10 / Per hour
  • Save 50% Cost
  • Monthly Pakage
  • Yearly Pakage

Infrastructure Team

Network Team
Infrastructure team
Infrastructure-as-a-code Team
Infrastructure Security Team

Dedicated Workforce

Once your hire a Dedicated Infrastructure workforce from us, All of our engineers are respective Infrastructure provider certified, if you hire someone for Cloud infrastructure service he or she has infrastructure provider certification and a minimum of 5 years of work expertise on Cisco. if you hire us for a dedicated walk force research resource. we will allocate specific individual experts for your project. who will completely dedicate their time to two from the start to the end of the specific project. Our shared pool give you the most flexible option according to your budget.

Grid Workforce

When you need an Infrastructure Expert for a short period of time. the best option is to use our shared resources that way we can ensure you get the best value for your money and there is no idle time. You tell us the scope of your project. We engage relevant talent pools according to your project needs. We can reduce or increase resources if your project scope changes.


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Best of Our Capacity

Very professional and timely delivery. I Hope will work with them on another project in near future.

CapexMarkets / CEO & Founder

Cost-wise they are very competitive. Allowed us the flexibility to maximize our resource utilization. Friendly customer service.

ALB Services Group / Director

chirs worked on our project. He was very knowledgeable and expert in his field.  It was a delight working with him.

HubxPlus / CEO & Founder

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