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Managed Service

As organizations continue to embrace a modern, cloud native mindset - their teams need to learn and embrace entirely new architectural methodologies. Your teams may need help as they explore new ways to deploy, monitor, and operate environments, and they may even need to master new modern technologies such as containers, serverless, AI and machine learning.

As you pursue this evolution, you need more than just support. You need help understanding how to scale your IT organization in an agile world, how to transform your environment and how to streamline your operating models. As the traditional build and operate barriers continue to break down in IT, new opportunities to accelerate innovation are opening up. This is why many organizations need more than the traditional managed services models, which is constrained to fit the boundaries of the past.

With groundbreaking new service models like TasksGrid Grid Engineering and hundreds of cloud certified professionals, we can keep you performing at the highest levels — freeing your team to drive results that make a difference for your business.

Managed Service

Capabilities and solutions:

Managed Clouds

Managed AWS Cloud
Managed Azure Cloud
Managed Google cloud
Managed VMware Cloud
Managed Oracle Cloud
Managed Private Cloud

Managed Kubernetes

Mange Kubernetes

Managed Networks

Managed security

Microsoft Services

Managed Active Directory
Managed Exchange
Managed Share Point
Managed Skype for Business
Managed MS Windows Server
Managed MS SQL
Managed MS Operation Center

Managed IT Support

Managed WordPress

Managed Databases

MSSQL Database
MySQL Database
MySQL Enterprise

Managed DevOps

Managed E-commerce

Managed Firewall

Price Model

Dedicated Workforce

Dedicated Workforce start from £20 per hours as well as we have monthly and yearly package. You can save up to 20% of your Workforce cost working with us.

Grid workforce

Our Gird Workforce model start from as low £10 per hours as well as we have monthly and yearly package. You can save up to 50% of your Workforce cost working with us.

Our Team

Managed Service Workforce

IT Support Team
Cloud Manage Team
DevOps Manage Team
Magento Manage Team
Network Manage Team
WordPress Manage Team
Kubernetes Manage Team
Databases Manage Team
Cyber Security Mange Team
Microsoft Services Manage Team

Managed Service

Dedicated Workforce

Once your hire a Dedicated Microsoft workforce from us, All of our engineers are respective Microsoft certified, if you hire someone for Office365 service he or she has office certification and a minimum of 5 years of work expertise in the office. if you hire us for a dedicated walk force research resource. we will allocate specific individual experts for your project. who will completely dedicate their time to two from the start to the end of the specific project?

Grid Workforce

When you need a Linux or Database Expert for a short period of time. the best option is to use our shared resources that way we can ensure you get the best value for your money and there is no idle time. You tell us the scope of your project. We engage relevant talent pools according to your project needs. We can reduce or increase resources if your project scope changes. Our shared pool gives you the most flexible option according to your budget.

Our Project

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Managed Services

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Managed Service


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